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    Site development plans at Swalcliffe Park School

    Following discussions with some members of the village and our school Governors, we thought it would be helpful to keep everyone in the local area up to date with our site development and plans.

    Swalcliffe Park is a residential and day school for boys aged 10-19 yrs who are on the autism spectrum. We work with over 20 Local Authorities and currently provide places for 70 students.

    We are proud to say that the school have received a number of accolades for its work in this field including a long track record of Outstanding judgments from OFSTED and Advanced Level Autism Accreditation. We have also been invited to speak at a number of national and international conferences.

    Our last Ofsted inspection in March 2022 rated school as Outstanding. Ofsted said of school; –

    “Overall experiences and progress of children and young people: outstanding “

    We are a large local employer with over 90 staff and operate within a beautiful site which includes a lake, woods, playing fields and a number of listed and newer buildings. We are keen to be a good neighbour to the village, contributor to the local economy, and supporter of community-based projects such as the woodland play park.

    The very nature of our school population, means that many of our students are sensitive to variety of noises. So with this in mind it, we would really appreciate it if you are planning any works could you let us know in advance.

    As you can imagine, an old and beautiful building and grounds like ours require constant care and attention, not to mention investment, and we are constantly seeing how we can make best use of the resources we have to ensure the environment we create for the boys is autism-friendly and of a high standard. We also wish to create a productive and comfortable place of work for our staff.

    The success of the school over recent years has also led to a growth in student numbers, which is partly why a number of building projects have recently been commissioned.

    We also have ongoing plans to ensure the fabric of the building remains sound, as well as for some new developments.

    At the end of last term ,in June 2022, we opened our latest new facility which is shown above in the main image on this page. Staff and students alike are delighted with the new facilities, and all feel positive about being part of a successful and thriving environment.

    The new building houses a new modern staff room with a communal area as well as offices for staff to work in peace and quiet.

    The building also contains additional classrooms, science lab, IT room, changing room and quiet rooms for students.

    We hope you find it helpful to know about our plans plans and appreciate your support with our school development which is all focussed on improving quality of life outcomes our students and their families.

    We have no major development plans for the coming 12 months but do have ongoing maintenance schedules which where these may impinge on the life of the village, we will keep you fully updated about.

    Planned work Scheduled start date Completion date

    If you have any queries regarding our planned schedule, please feel free to raise them by emailing either:

    Rob Piner

    07977 408394

    Rob Leigh
    Vice Principal